Below, please find the selected list of projects in which I have been involved, from research design to data collection, analysis, and visualization. Common traits across all these projects are my deep interests in developing noble measurements and impact evaluation tools for non-traditional problems. Although my research has focused on social science questions, the techniques (e.g., survey and experimental design, factor analysis, time series analysis, computational text analysis, machine learning, and causal inference with observational data) used in these studies are easily transferred to more applied settings.

Causal inference

Identifying the causal effects of threats on the increase in political interests using interrupted time series design and text classification [Abstract] [GitHub]

Regression analysis with time series data [Abstract] [GitHub]


Measuring issue priorities of minority populations using HTML parsing and text classification [Abstract] [GitHub]

Measuring sensitive attitudes of a national population using list experiments [Abstract] [GitHub]

Validating novel measures for lived racial experience using factor analysis [Abstract] [GitHub]

Investigating how people interpret survey questions [Abstract] [GitHub]