Dissertation: “Three Essays on the Politics of Solidarity in Multiracial America”

  • Abstract. Note that I made the entire data anlaysis in the dissertation computationally reproducible.

  • Ch1. “The War on Poverty and Asian American and Latino Community Organizing” [Preprint] [GitHub] [Data] [Dashboard]

  • Ch2. “Racism Is Not Enough: Minority Coalition Building in San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver” [PDF] [GitHub]
    • Accepted at the Studies in American Political Development
  • Ch3. “Text as Data: Measuring Issue Preferences among Minority Groups through Ethnic Newspapers” [GitHub]
    • Winner of the Don T. Nakanishi Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Asian Pacific American Politics, Western Political Science Association (2020)

Working papers

  1. “How Do Threats Induce Information Seeking?: When Natural Experiments Meet Text Data” (with Andrew Thompson) [GitHub]

  2. “Prejudice against Invisible Minorities: Evidence from Survey Experiment in South Korea” (with Taeku Lee) [GitHub]

In Progress

  1. “Everyday Experience, Immigrant Incorporation, and Measurement Error in Asian American Identity” (with Taeku Lee) [GitHub]

  2. “The Varieties of Linked Fate” (with Alan Yan) [GitHub]

  3. Selling Segregation: How Charter School Websites Signal Race and Class–and Parents Listen (with Jaren Haber and Nick Camp)

  4. “History, Agency, and Linked Fate” (with Reuel Rogers)

Other writings

  1. Jae Yeon Kim, “How I Accidentally Became Interested in Data Science”, D-Lab, UC Berkeley, Feb. 24, 2020.