An R Package for Turning Chase Bank Statements into a Tidyverse-ready dataframe.

Author: Jae Yeon Kim

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This R package provides functions to turn a Chase Bank statement (a PDF file) into a tidyverse-friendly dataframe.

The current version is only able to parse statements from checking account.

You can download bank statements from Chase website (Menu > Statements & documents). The package works for either PDF or accessible PDF files. If one PDF file type does not work, try the other one.


## Install the current development version from GitHub

devtools::install_github("jaeyk/TidyChaseBankStatements", dependencies = TRUE)


1. parse_check_statement(): Turn one Chase Bank statement (one PDF file) into a dataframe

# Apply function 
df <- TidyChaseBankStatements::parse_check_statement(
    file_path = file.choose(), # the Chase Bank Statement PDF file 
    report_year = 2020 # the year in which the statement was reported 

The parsed output data has a tidy structure. It has eight columns: (transaction) Date, (transaction) Description, (transaction) Amount, Balance, Card (whether the transaction is related to credit card payment), Venmo (whether the transaction is related to Venmo transfers), Withdraw (whether the transaction is about withdraw), Deposit (whether the transaction is about deposit)

# Examle output (note that this is hypothetical data) 
df[1:5, ]

        Date Description Amount Balance Card Venmo Withdraw Deposit
1 2020-02-24     Netflix     10   10000    1     0        0       1
2 2020-02-24     Grocery    -10   10010    1     0        0       1
3 2020-02-24      Amazon     10   10020    0     1        0       1
4 2020-02-25     Netflix     30   10030    1     0        0       1
5 2020-02-25     Netflix    -10   10040    1     0        0       1

2. parse_check_statement_all(): Turn all Chase Bank statements, saved in a directory, into a dataframe


How to cite

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Jae Yeon Kim. (2020). TidyChaseBankStatements. R package version 0.1.0. Retrieved from